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Welcome To Feni Polytechnic Institute

In 29th February 1964, Feni Polytechnic started its journey as Feni Technical with Civil and Mechanical Engineering departments in a 15.97 Acre campus near old Dhaka-Chittagong Highway road, just 500 meters east to Feni Sadar Hospital. In 1972 with the addition of Power department, the institution finally became Feni Polytechnic Institute. Later additional departments as Electrical engineering (1978), Computer engineering (2002), Architecture & Interior design technology (2006) was added to give the institution its present form.

From its very first day, Feni polytechnic has been under supervision of excellent administration lead by many highlighted individuals from Technical Education field. Currently the institution is run by 60 teachers lead by the Principal, 50 third grade and 26 fourth grade government staffs. Today, Feni Polytechnic Institute operates an additional second shift to its usual operation for its 6 departments and the institution is hence filled with students all through the operating period and comes to life from morning till evening.

Today Feni Polytechnic has a magnificent campus consisting of a two floor administrative building, 1 three floor academic building, 3 campus accommodations for its students, auditorium, mosque and accommodations for its Principal and staffs. The pond, field, canteen and the various trees all around the campus simply is a treat for our eyes.

Feni Polytechnic Institute is highly regulated and monitored by the Directorate of Technical Education(DTE) under Ministry of Education(MoE) for the Governments of the people\'s republic of Bangladesh. The academic section is supervised by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

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Mission & Vission

01 . Feni Polytechnic Institute always provide quality education and training with the students and techers.

02 . It create skilled Professional Engineer.

03 . It aim to reduce digital divide between urban and rural people through ICT education and training.

04 . To extend support to the industry in the field of ICT.

05 . To provide employable skilled manpower for the country as well as abroad in the field of ICT.

06 . It create act a leading institute in the field of ICT.

07 . It always help to student how to acquire practical education.

The salient objective of establishing such a Bangladesh study center is to develop the resources of the country through quality education. In the present age of globalization, the main demand of the developing countries is skilled manpower but huge number of students in Bangladesh is unable to get engineering education. Though many Bangladeshi students have shown their good performance in abroad, but it is a fact that the degrees from overseas attract their attention in Bangladesh and in abroad regarding employment. 

It is possible to full-fill the requirement of Engineers for foreign countries along with internal demand, if the curriculum and environment are advanced like foreign study center. Foreign remittance is a very important factor to increase our GDP but most of the people who are working abroad are not skilled. If they would be trained up by Engineering education, undoubtedly the remittance could be increased about two to three times. Engineering degree from foreign study center can make the self-sufficient. On the other hand their increased income can play it a Loreto free our country from debt-burden. Thus Feni Polytechnic Institute center is determined to develop the country and to open a golden opportunity for Bangladeshi young engineers to stay abroad peacefully along with their noble contribution to their family and homeland.


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More Notics

Message From The Principal

1964, Feni Polytechnic opened its door with the aim to develop the country through technical and vocational education. The effective education and training provided by the institution has open many opportunities both in foreign and domestic, and is playing an important role for the social development.

From its first day Feni Polytechnic, overcoming its limitation has successfully help the government in economic and social development by creating Read More

Md. Mostafizur Rahman Khan Principal Of Feni Polytechnic Institute

Message From The Vice-Principal

The students of today are the Architects of tomorrow. To meet the challenges of the present in an ever changing globe, teeming with bleeding edge technology and relentless competition, the graduates of today must also be determined but flexible, dexterous but resolute. 

Bangladesh has a need to produce the graduates that will drive us to an industrial and technological renaissance and deliver us to the Promised Land. With these stated Read More

Engr.Syed Faruque Ahmed Vice Principal Of Feni Polytechnic Institute
A. B. M. Samsul Arefin

(Civil Technology)

Md. Emdadul Islam

(Electrical Technology)

Nayan Ranjan Bhattacharjee

(Power Technology)

Engr. Mohammed Meher Ul Karim

(Computer Technology)

Mst Asma Khatun

(Architecture and Interior Design Technology)

MD.Mustafizur Rahman Khan







Teacher's & Staffs